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Hi Everyone!!
Well, what can I say?   Jessika is doing great. She is sleeping through the night now, well she has been for quite some time now.   She naps a few times during the day no more than one hour at a time though.   Sometimes just 10 or 20 minutes, which is a little sad, cause when I finally get relaxed enough to nap with her she's ready to go again.   Well I guess that's what it's like??
Just a little something to ponder over, she was named after my grandfather(my dad's side{James-Jaymz}) and born on my Pepere's birthday(mom's side) 20 years after he passed away.   Isn't that the spookiest thing??  

Well, I hope you all enjoy the new look of our website.
Take care and talk at you sometime eh?
Kim and Jan, Bruce Mines, Ontario